In response to the increasing instances of puppy scams and customer confusion over the term “papers”, the AKC Board deemed it appropriate to break out a new initiative called “Demand AKC Papers”, in which potential puppy buyers are encouraged to do just that.

The initiative involves giving clubs the option of placing pre-designed AKC breeder referral ads, or creating their own, and placing them in the classified ads section of their local newspaper.

The ads can also be used for other advertising media, such as newspaper classifieds on the web, magazines and billboards. If the club meets the set criteria for the initiative, it will count as one credit toward eligibility requirements to hold future dog shows in Category A of the club’s event application.

To read the details of this new project, please download the pdf here


German Boxer Klub Pedigree

Udo von der Flensburger Forde [Boss’s Grandsire]

Udo's German Boxer Club Pedigree
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Uncle Victor Explains

Uncle Victor explained to us how in Germany, where the Boxer breed began, ear-cropping and tail-docking have been banned. Europeans still breed for a sturdier, thicker, more muscular type of working dog, closer to the origins of the breed. In America, breeders have chosen to strive for a much more refined, lighter and elegant dog.This is not saying one type is better than the other, just different.

Schutzhund, Israel Style


“In those days when people talked about a police dog, they mostly thought of the qualities of the dog’s nose, qualities that sadly enough were highly overestimated. The dog’s ability to bite and hear was more or less overlooked.

Fortunately, time taught us that the protection qualities of police dogs were very important for actual police work too. The disappointment of not being able to create a miracle dog that could track and find everything everywhere was forgotten.

People came to realize that every dog is an individual, and therefore, every dog is somewhat limited in what it can do. This dictates how a trainer has to go about training this particular dog.

In the early 20th century when this concept was not yet accepted, discussions were held whether all dogs should be trained with a forceful method. The method used depended on the individual dog, however the goal was always the same: to pass the KNPV trial in the discipline that fitted the dog best (tracking or protection).”

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Associated Press via Fox News 

“GASSVILLE, Arkansas  —  Every day since a tornado damaged the Harrises’ home and their dog’s pen, the family has checked to see whether Pongo made it back.

On Friday, nearly three weeks after the storm, he was — hungry but healthy.

“He poked his head out of the dog house,” said Tim Harris, husband of Pongo’s owner, Katresa Harris. “He was running; he was so excited to see her.

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by Joy at Dogster For the Love of Dog Blog

Dogster Daddy knows him as Pack Leader; the rest of us know him as Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan. Now we can all learn a little bit more about him. Cesar was nice enough to answer a few questions about his views on life and more….”

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Feb. 22, 2008:

SAN DIEGO —  It began with a simple act of kindness to save an abused and injured dog from becoming one more victim in the war in Iraq.

But what followed for Marine Maj. Brian Dennis and the mutt was a tale of friendship and loyalty that spanned miles, borders, and overcame long odds — a tale that took a turn Friday with the arrival here of the Marine’s best friend. Continue Reading »