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Posted: August 12, 2008
10:41 pm Eastern

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DENVER – Authorities in Colorado have found a German shepherd at her master’s side in a remote area of the Pawnee National Grassland, six weeks after the man apparently committed suicide.

The dog, “Cash,” was found next to the body of Jake Baysinger, 25, a La Salle man who had been reported missing and suicidal on June 28, according to the Denver Post.

Officers from the Weld County sheriff’s office conducted an extensive search at the time with vehicles and airplanes but found nothing.


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A good Article over at The Canine Bark

“Dogs have been trained to fight in our wars since ancient times, preforming tasks such as using their sense of smell to track, scout out booby traps and concealed enemies and were even used to physically bring down opponents and their horses.

Today Military Working Dogs are most commonly used as aids to police officers with larger breeds performing guard, patrol and law enforcement duties and smaller breeds performing smell detection roles, such as explosive, drug and other contraband detection.”

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 by Arden Moore from an article in the Popular Dog Series

“When law enforcement officials in the Bay Area of California need help gather­ing clues for unsolved murders and other crimes, they turn to search-and-rescue dogs like Tanis, an II-year-old “Boxer, and her younger partner in training, Deja Vu, a 2-year-old Boxer.

This crime-solving duo is owned by Rhonda Dyer of San Jose, California. “Tanis brings a huge amount of expe­rience and a talent for avoiding wasted movement when she is called upon to search places for evidence, such as body fluids, murder weapons and other items,” says Dyer. Tanis is believed to be the country’s third Boxer certified to perform search-and-rescue. She is certified for wilderness, water and cadaver searches.


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