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Posted: August 12, 2008
10:41 pm Eastern

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DENVER – Authorities in Colorado have found a German shepherd at her master’s side in a remote area of the Pawnee National Grassland, six weeks after the man apparently committed suicide.

The dog, “Cash,” was found next to the body of Jake Baysinger, 25, a La Salle man who had been reported missing and suicidal on June 28, according to the Denver Post.

Officers from the Weld County sheriff’s office conducted an extensive search at the time with vehicles and airplanes but found nothing.


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Atilla $25K


By BEZU at 2008-07-20

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Pit Bulls on Steroids

Presa Demand Grows for All Wrong Reasons

Dogs wanted for killing, fighting

San Francisco Chronicle, Wednesday, February 7, 2001

The media frenzy surrounding the fatal mauling of a San Francisco woman by a Presa Canario dog could have been bad news for the future of the obscure canine breed.But breeders say the notoriety has caused just the opposite: more calls from people looking for killer canines.

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Owning a Guard Dog

From:I Love Dogs.com 

“In most ways, a guard dog is like any other dog. He needs the same care and attention and deserves to be part of a loving family. If all you want is protection and not a new addition to your family, you’re much better off investing in an alarm system. A professional security system will be cheaper in the long run (no medical bills, food, training, etc.) and you won’t have to deal with a potentially dangerous animal.”


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From an excellent site called The Bulldog Information Library  

by C. Marien-de Luca

“One of the earliest duties of the domestic dog was guarding the property of its owners, whether that property be land, livestock or in his owner’s home,. Most modern dog breeds will naturally act as guardians when at home, but some dog breeds have been especially developed or selectively bred for their natural inclination to guard and defend the territory and the people they consider as having under their custody. A watchdog simply watches the home and alerts others to the intruder by barking.   A guard dog might be trained to restrain or attack the intruder.”


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