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Beauty, midnight, vision dies:
Let the winds of dawn that blow
Softly round your dreaming head
Such a day of sweetness show

Eye and knocking heart may bless,
Find your mortal world enough;
Noons of dryness see you fed
By the involuntary powers,
Nights of insult let you pass
Watched by every human love.
W.H. Auden


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Atilla $25K


By BEZU at 2008-07-20

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Precisely because of the spirit and energy demanded on the schutzhund field, obedience is arguably the most difficult of the three phases of the sport. In addition, every season the obedience phase becomes increasingly important in deciding the outcome of competition. For the last few years, the major trials in both the U.S. and Germany have been won and lost in obedience.

Because many of the dogs in the top ranks of competition are nearly perfect in tracking and protection-scoring 98s and 100s-and are therefore basically equal in these phases, now it is heeling, retrieving or jumping that championships are decided.

Why? What is the difference?


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By George Markos

United States Boxer Association

Part One:

Do we need to work our Boxers differently than the German Shepherd Dog?

This is by far the most common question I have been asked over the years. It is also the number one question I have asked knowledgeable Boxer trainers in Germany and Europe.

This can be a very perplexing situation for the Boxer handler, especially when you are depending on the existing working dog community in the United States for guidance. As I look into the past, and remember working with excellent helpers that were mainly familiar with German Shepherd Dogs (GSDs), my dogs did not live up to their maximum potentials because they, the helpers, lacked the understanding of the differences in temperament between the breeds.

Plus, in many cases, they just wanted to “play it safe”, which is still a good way, especially with GSDs.

A good helper can “read” a dog, but only within the parameters of their personal experience.


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They call me a Boxer,
But I’m a Half-Breed.

Part Boxer of course,
and part people indeed.

Anyone who owns me knows it’s true.
We’re so close to being people,
we’re like part of you.

“He’s one of the family,”
you’ve heard people say.

“Don’t know how we’ll manage when he passes away.”

But they’ll get another Boxer,
a pure bred at first.

Not the most well-behaved puppy,
but far from the worst.

Then the change will take place,
the same as before.

They’ll end up with the same human HALF-BREED once more!  

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Black Boxers – Fact or Fiction?

Recently, I was considering importing another boxer from Bremen, Germany. As I perused some of the German breeder websites, I found one that had pictures of black coated [with white markings] boxers. These dogs are striking in their appearance and are quite expensive. Are they truly “black?”


To answer that question, let’s redirect to a great site that addresses it in detail:

From Newcastle Boxers:

“More and more frequently we have been seeing ads for, getting questions about, and hearing from people who have purchased black Boxers. Sometimes……..


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The United States Boxer Association

USA-BOX is dedicated:

1. To preserve, promote and exhibit the working character of the Boxer in the United States.

2. To preserve the Boxer in accordance with the FCI breed standard as working dogs.

3. To promote and encourage the training and use of the Boxer for work that is consistent with the breed, including tracking, obedience and protection work, and in other ways for which working dogs are utilized.

4. To conduct a Working Boxer Championship of the Year schutzhund trial.


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